Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Unique Composition

Final Image

Source Images


     I wanted to make a picture showing how I feel towards music.

     I wanted a bland black background to show the usually boring and uneventful aspect of life that you would get with the absence of music. Of course I didn't want to use a solid black picture, that wouldn't cut it. I wanted something to look at but I didn't want it to specifically interest you. So I found that nice little black and white design and it fit perfectly. I applied a little Gaussian blur to it so it is more noticeably "in the back", and also so that you can't see the design clearly (to make it less interesting.)

     I chose the trumpet because it is the instrument I play in band. The man playing the trumpet is Louis Armstrong and I chose him because he puts as much soul into his music as I want to show in this image. I made him black and white so that he matched the bland background behind him, but I kept the trumpet in color so that it would match the extremely colorful "music" coming out of it.

     I wanted the "music" to be very colorful and exciting to visualize how I feel about it, exciting and lively. Once I found the images I would use, I inserted them into the image and then used a layer mask so that the image would only show where I wanted it to, coming out of the trumpet. I gave it a little shadow onto the background to show that it is above the background and to give it depth.

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